Thursday, 6 August 2015

Double Yolked Eggs: Ashton's Brilliant Work

We've had some students this year produce some incredibly high quality work. We have our MOA Awards coming up later in the year and we have a group of students who are regularly blogging in their own time and producing quality work.

We have a number of students who have been refining their work on iMovie this term - Ashton has been leading the way, inspiring others and you can see some sensational work such as Ashton's original Chicken Video or Caro's Dance Recital. Ashton has completed a second video about his chicken's - this one is detailing a double yolked egg. He completed the entire project in his own time and edited and gathered information himself. You can visit his wonderful student blog by clicking on the link here. This is his amazing, brilliant work.

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  1. Hi Ashton,

    I really enjoyed your Vimeo video on double yolked eggs. I had heard of double yolks from my father who grew up on a farm here in Ireland. I get my eggs from the supermarket and never saw one in real life, so I was very interested to see your video.

    I loved your choice of sound track and thought it added to your video. I also liked your choice of 'transitions'. They were simple and effective. The text you added added to my understanding too and I really liked the explanations at the end of the video.

    The delicious looking eggs at the end of your video made me hungry. Do you do any cooking yourself?

    Keep up the great work. I really think you have a talent.

    With every good wish
    Merry Beau