Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Collaborating with Terrace End School in Palmerston North

This week we've had the opportunity to Skype and talk with the students of Terrace End School in Palmerston North about a collaboration. They are studying Farming (and this week had a field trip to a farm as part of their study!) and their teacher, Mr Hurly wanted his students to talk to our students about Dairy Farming and have a question and answer session before their trip. We thought that it would a great way to share our learning.

We Skyped them Monday and they had some fantastic questions that made us think too: some of the most straightforward questions got varying answers:

  • How long does a Cow Sleep for? 
  • How long is a cow pregnant for?
  • How many different kinds of cows are their on our farms?
  • Does our New Zealand Milk go to other countries?
These two questions got all sorts of answers from our students - but we were able to check the information and come up with answers of four to five hours and 275 days.    We have collaborated in groups with a google doc and we are looking forward to sharing it back to the students of Terrace End School.

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