Sunday, 12 July 2015

APS School Holiday Student Blogging!

Bethanys Blog: Visiting Sky Tower
While its the second week of the New Zealand School Holidays between Term Two and Three that hasn't stopped nearly half of Room Three's students blogging in the holidays.  You can see the full list of posts on the right hand side of the tool bar, but there are some amazing posts that we wanted to highlight.

Bethany's been on holiday in Auckland and visited the iconic Auckland Sky Tower.  You can see her standing on a sheet of glass on this fantastic post on her wonderful blog by clicking here.

Caros Blog: Mount Taranaki
Caro has been in the snow on Mount Taranaki - you can read about the details of the experience that she's had by clicking on her fantastic blog here.  

Thanks so much for your visit.  Our students will return to school on the week starting Monday 20th of July for Term Three of 2015.  We look forward to connecting with our regular visitors and classrooms then.

Katelyn has been in Rotorua having some fantastic adventures on her holidays.  If you would like to find out all about what she has been up to and read her fantastic recount about her adventures you can click on the link here.

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