Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Crafters - Amazing Minecraft Student Site

We have had some fantastic feedback on our student blogs recently - it might be the holidays for all our friends in the Northern Hemisphere; but its wonderful for our students to have great quality feedback because we are still blogging and working.

Caro is just about to overtake Bethany (we think) and have the most popular student blog at Auroa Primary School, and recently she started posting about some of her Minecraft work. 

When she did she received some feedback from some amazing students and friends of ours at Selwyn House in Christchurch - that led us to 'discover' (if a site that has had nearly 10,000 pageviews is a new site) the students collaborative Minecraft Site 'The Crafters' our students were thrilled to find the site and loved the contents and the details.

You have to check out this site if you are a fan of Minecraft and students work - its an incredible site and we're big fans - amazing Selwyn House. The amazing link is here.

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