Thursday, 23 July 2015

RWAV: 3D Minecraft Model of Mrs Ladds' Classroom

Thanks so much for your responses - Mrs Ladd a friend of Room Three's from North Carolina responded to our request for information about her classroom to Room Three, in New Zealand, the same day! We were thrilled with her amazing response which allowed the first group from Room Three to start to put together her classroom from her instructions. We had a lot of discussion about the phrase "the desks run together" and Mrs Ladd, being from the USA had all her measurements in feed, so we had to convert it to metric. We created a two dimensional plan, a birds eye view based on her instructions (although there were five created maps everything was slightly different!), then we used blocks to convert it to a basic 3D model and then build her classroom in Minecraft. This Google Presentation created by the students from Mackenna's Maths Group - they have yet to finish the project as they have some editing and tidying up to do. Thanks so much for all the responses that we've received from around the world, we're looking forward to producing models of your classrooms!

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