Monday, 19 May 2014

Room One Auroa Primary - As Mapped by Nexus from Singapore!

Already this year we've been involved in some great collaborations involving the use of various programes.  We've created three dimensional models of the Third Grade Thinkers from the USA and our friends from Selwyn House, Christchurch.  Recently our friends from Nexus International School went through the process of creating a model of our classroom.   They intially asked for volunteers on their class page.  Meg and Will left comments describing our classroom.  Last Friday they Skyped our classroom for further information.   Alyssa lead this learning conversation.   Today in class we saw the first stage - the students of Nexus putting together and describing their two dimensional models of Room One, Auroa Primary School.  How accurate was it? Well you'll have to stay tuned.  This is the video produced by Fabulous Five @ Nexus, Singapore, describing Auroa Primary School, Taranaki, New Zealand.


  1. Hi Room 5

    5B have some more questions after Alyssa's awesome comment.

    Who was the closest in classroom layout?

    What is the layout of your classroom? Where are the groups of the desks placed?

    Where are the whiteboards, doors and sinks in relation to the the tables?

    Thanks so much for all your help.


    1. We hoped that you managed to get all the answers that you want from our description,

  2. Miko
    Your work is very good there is a few mistakes like the tables are in three rows with 5 by 2 and at the top of the third group there is Alyssa's table.
    Will Auroa school

  3. Jack,Auroa,Primary,School,New Zealand.

    Hi Miko

    1 The sink is on the south south west of the class.

    2 There is a door on the north north side of the class.

    3 On the east side of the class there is 9 dest in a paralo with Alyssa's desk on the north of them.

    4 In the south of the class there are 2 croups of 6.

    5 The smart board is on the north side of the class