Thursday, 3 April 2014

Spring Lambing in England

Today in class we spent the morning block constantly watching and looking at material from our blogging friends in England from A Room With a View, Class Two. One of their students, Edward, and his family are in the midst of their Spring Lambing. In New Zealand we're currently moving towards Winter, as we're on the other side of the world. Auroa Primary School is located in Taranaki in dairy country. We have about 95% of our students who are involved either as the owners of, or workers on, dairy farms. Edward from Room With A View posted about lambing, and while our class are involved in dairy, there are a lot of similarities between what he does and our students do on a regular day. Our class viewed Edwards film, at least half a dozen times, and then brainstormed and took notes about what Edward does during the morning and the evening. We then compared that to what our students do during that time - we were surprised by the similarities.

We asked Edwards teacher, Mrs Mongahan, permission to use his video on our site:


  1. Hi my names Tao and I like your video how you take care of these lambs

  2. Yes Edwards a student from England, if you click on the link about the post it will take you to the original post that he did in England.
    Mr Webb

  3. Hi i'm Jordan and I like the way you care for those lambs and your farm looks really cool.