Wednesday, 23 April 2014

School Holidays: Tom Kayaks the Whanganui River

While its the School Holidays in New Zealand at the moment, some of our students are continuing to post on their blogs and be involved in some amazing experiences. This post is by Room Ones Tom, who along with James from our class has been kayaking the Whanganui River.     

This is what Tom wrote about the experience on his blog, you can click on the link below to see his original post.  'This is the first day of Kayaking the Whanganui river, we did it in four days and had lots of fun.  The person that fell out was James.'


  1. this is a very nice post school holidays are fun right?
    if you want to see our blogs here is the link

  2. Do y'all have any trout fishing like rainbow trout, brown trout ext....

  3. My name is Daniel and I love kayaking its so much fun I also love fishing I'm from Texas and its almost summer here we have about one more week of school I'm going to play golf kick footballs and skate. SO EXCITED