Monday, 14 April 2014

Auroa Primary School - Comments

This week is the last week of term one for 2014.  Students have been busy completing work before the end of term.   As part of the commenting for this week you need to ensure one task is completed from last week and complete two new commenting tasks.   The first task is to ensure that your Haiku Deck is completed about Sydney.   When this is done you need to go to 6RC and ensure that you have left a comment telling them about your Haiku Deck.  Remember that the task is under the heading of our unit for term, 'Relating to Others' and that the goal was to research facts about Sydney and have them checked as correct by someone who lives there.   If you've had a comment about your Haiku Deck identifying something that needs to be corrected then ensure that you have done this before you tell 6RC!

Commenting: Home.  You need to click on this link to Waka Endeavour.  Where is this school located?  How can you tell? Choose one post created by students and comment on it.  Remember to follow the correct format and meet the criteria expected of a comment from Room One.

Commenting #2 Away.   Where is this blog located? How can you tell where this blog is? What information can explain that? You need to choose one post from this site to highlight.  Leave a detailed comment on that post that follows our agreed process.  When that has been completed see Mr Webb.

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