Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Auroa Primary School - R1 Written Language Tasks

Hello students in Room One.  Myself and Mr Chittenden have enjoyed watching your postings from Singapore and have had an opportunity to talk about your work and share you work with educators from around the world.  You can see footage of the trip from Singapore here on the school page.  

Facts about Sydney.    You need to get your facts about Sydney and Australia posted so we can notify the class from Australia so they can come and check.  We would like you to publish this task on your own blogs by using Haiku Deck to do so.   When this is finished, you need to invite the students from Australia to come and see your post.  You need to leave a comment to them on their class page, the location of which is here.

For written language there are two additional tasks this week which are part of the Student Global Blogging Challenge, this is the challenge when we have created work, like your videos/films and used the #2014gbc tag.    You can locate the master page here.

The first is to locate a 'quote' the quote needs to be attributed to a famous New Zealander  or someone who inspired you.  They need to be the persons direct words and need to be recorded with speech marks.   You need to record this in your writing books (draft) have Mrs Chittenden look and edit them and then create a display for the wall that is suitable that features the quote as the feature work.  This needs to be on A4 paper.

The second writing taks for the #2014gbc is to write about a story involving current events.   This was the homework task for last week.  You need to summarise the article making sure that you have covered the main details of the case (W/W/W/W/W/H) and you need to post this on your blog and include in your post name the #2014gbc.

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