Thursday, 10 April 2014

Room One Auroa Primary School - Helping Out Room 8

Room Eight have just started a project involving digital photography with the rewards of house tokens for those students who complete the tasks.  There are two parts here were students from Room One could help out.

Read Miss Nicholas' post: what is the learning intention for this task? What is she asking to be completed? What material do you need to produce? What is the focus of the task?  Room Eight are very lucky because they have already had material posted on their page from another school.  You can click on that link here.   You can also read the original post and request here.

This post here is the one encouraging students to complete the task.  It has a detailed explanation about what is required including the Mathematics behind the task.   Remember Miss Nicholas is a creative person so the more interesting that your photographs and posts would be the more likely that she is going to like it and publish it on your blog.  

Secondly she is looking for classes from anywhere to complete the task.  Who have we networked with online who might complete this task? What information would you need to give to them? How can you make sure if you complete the task that you will get the recognition that you deserve?  Assembly is this Friday which dosen't give you long to meet the deadline, however the criteria are very straight forward.,


  1. To Gemma and Isabelle
    Hi Guys! We haven't actually started to make our video. So that means we haven't uploaded yet. What we really wanted from you guys is some tips that could really help us to make cool videos. We are only using imovie. So hope this can help you give us some tips. Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this Mr Webb and Room 1. We really appreciate your support. Our class are really excited about Our Photo Project and they think Room 1 kids are just great. They would love to see some of your photos too.

    1. I will talk to Mr Chittenden about doing a special Singapore one before we fly back on Saturday.