Thursday, 17 April 2014

3d Model of the Third Grade Thinkers.

Brylee and Myself had a math project to complete in our class we had to choose a class anywhere around the world and we choose Third Grade Thinkers, Mrs Essenburg Michigan USA. luckily they responded to our comment and gave us heaps of information and photos of what their classroom looks like.  The students from Auroa Primary then created a 2d model of Mrs Essenburgs class, a 3d model of the class using plastic blocks and the final stage was to use Tinkercad to create a virtual model.  These screenshots are of the girls model.


  1. What a great project. My class will be doing measurement next term and learning about the importance of water. What will your class be learning about? We would love to collaborate with you on some project? Ms H Room 17, Fairfield Intermediate

    1. Yes
      We originally were going to build the model of the classroom in Minecraft but due to unforeseen circumstances we had to switch to Tinkercad. This worked even better than we had expected and we were able to save our projects so if we needed to remake or re-do the classroom then we could easily do so.
      Mr Webb

  2. what is tinkercad? Myself and class 4W are interested in creating models of our own school. We use a programme called 2 simple to model and google sketch up, which can get quite tricky!

  3. I really liked your comment because you told us what you guys were building and it gave me a picture what it look like.

  4. Woah, that is pretty cool. If you can, try and add more detail into the objects. I have to say however, that is really amazing!

    Acocks Green Primary School