Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Tinkercad Virtual Classroom Design

Thank you for your visit.  Our students in New Zealand are currently on the first week of their two week end of term one holidays.  They will be returning for Term Two, 2014 on Monday 5th May 2014.

This past term we've been involved in several collaborative projects tied in with our learning.  For Mathematics we've been looking at Geometry and we were looking at working with other classrooms.  We carried out an activity in Figure it Out: Geometry - Room with a view (pg 13 of the level three book).  However we modified the activity.  We Skyped our friends at 8c Selwyn House.  We took notes when we spoke to them and followed it up with emails and further clarifications on Twitter.  We took all their information and the students processed it.  First they created a two dimensional grid map of their classroom, then we constructed a three dimensional model of their classroom using multi link cubes.  We then converted that map to a digital model.   Originally we were using Minecraft for this process.  However we've also been looking at utilising Tinkercad for our work with our 3d Printer and for various reasons we made the decision to switch to Tinkercad for this activity.

These screen shots were created by James and Logan from Room One.  The classroom that they have created the digital model of is 8C Selwyn House in Christchurch.   We haven't finished the process yet, as its the school holidays the students from Selwyn House need to process the models and we then need to adapt them from our models to ensure they've accurate.  We're then going to print their models using our 3d printer.  The question that needs to be asked:

Is this Selwyn House?
How accurate is this map?
What other changes do we need to make?

We've already completed this process with our friends from The Third Grade Thinkers from USA this work has been detailed in the blogs of Heavenlee and Brylee from Room One.   You can click on this link and see James original post.  You can click on this link and see the original post from Logan.


  1. This is an amazing job that James and Logan have done. I really love the way they have thought about a programme, troubleshot an issue within the class, then generated a solution. A very professional finish. Great thinking Room 1

    1. Mr Chittenden
      We are excited about the organic nature of the project. As the teacher I am excited about the students directing the learning and being involved as they have done and its been a powerful idea developed by the students and moved forward by the students. The idea is better than I could have hoped and while the original plan was working well these students from our school have taken it to the next level and I am thrilled about that. Students leading learning.
      Mr Webb.

  2. Hi Mr Webb, I'm Mr Shackleton, you commented on our new blog a few weeks ago, but we had our school holidays, so there wasn't much in the way of new traffic going through our blog. I just wanted to say thank you for your comment (even though you were in Singapore) and that I've had a quick read through your blog. It's great! I'm going to show our boys your site tomorrow and get them to come and have a read through.


  3. thank you for seeding the blog I play mincraft at home

  4. Dear Mr. Webb,
    I like the way your class used Minecraft to make the map.

  5. Dear Mr. Webb,
    I like the way your class used Minecraft to make the map.

  6. Hi this Donovan From Third grade thinkers,
    I really like the detailed in the picture and it looks a lot like our classroom and it looks really good so great job on this project of our classroom. From Donovan Visit my blog Donovans Details.