Saturday, 8 February 2014

Piri the Pukeko arrives in South Africa!

When we opened our class page for 2014 packages were sent to different locations around the world that featured information on our area and our school mascot, Piri the Pukeko.   We already had Piri arrive in Ireland mid-week and we received a thank you post on 'If Only the Best Birds Sang' from Ireland.   You can click on the link to that amazing site here.

Today we just found out that Piri the Pukeko has just arrived in Cape Town, South Africa at the class of Miss Tyler Smith.  You can click on the link to this wonderful learning blog here.

We will be sharing the arrival of this information with our students on Monday morning when they return to the classroom.


  1. Hi Room one!
    I like your blog. It's very unique and informative ! The colour scheme is very appealing ! Thank you for sharing with us !

    Mrs She

  2. Mrs She - It is nice to hear from you again this year and thank you for the visit from your page. We have junior classes of students here at Auroa Primary School who are online and it will be nice to be able to showcase your and Point Englands work.
    Mr Webb and Room One.

  3. Thank you for the mention. We intend to take more photographs and write another post (or two) about your delightful package. We are also putting a package to send to Room One, which we hope will get to you around the time of our Irish National Holiday: St.Patrick's Day, 17th March.