Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Auroa Primary School Tours: The Dell

Today in class Room One successfully published their first online video. Two students yesterday had ten minutes to record a video in an area of the school. The learning intention for this activity was students had to consider their audience, and produce a written plan about the short movie that they would produce. The movie was to be two to three minutes in length and needed to explain an area of the school. We published the movie to our school vimeo account and then uploaded it to our page. Over the next few days our students will be completing movies around our school so you can learn all about Auroa Primary School. The first movie was presented by Michael and James.
The Dell from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

The Dell is a place in Auroa school where James and Michael made this video on Tuesday 18th February 2014. We planned this video in our planning books and had the planning done in less than 30 secs! This video is about how relaxing the dell is and how natural it is with a lot of landscape.

Questions to consider: What works well in this video? What could James and Michael thing about doing differently next time? What other information would be you wan to know about the Dell at Auroa Primary School?


  1. RoomFiveOnline,
    Holy Cross School,

    We are a Yr 7/8 class from Wellington. We really enjoyed watching your video and can't wait to explore your blog further.
    We thought you showed the parts of the dell really well in your video. Our suggestion is to film when it is less windy so we can hear your voice.
    Our blog is just starting out.

    Room 5 Online

  2. Awesome vid micheal and james !!!!!

  3. Well done for your first video! I liked the different shots in your video. I agree that maybe you could have filmed when it was less windy.

    One suggestion is you may have wanted to take shots/videos of other students relaxing in the dell so we can see something more visual. (Dell in its full use)

    Otherwise props to you both for doing such a great job!

    Miss Lologa
    New Town Elementary
    North Carolina, USA

  4. Hi Michael and James
    The dell sounds like a great place to hang out. I like the way that you used the black lines to mark a different part of the movie. I hope to see more of these movies in the future.
    8C Selwyn House School