Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Aroha's Cow Ride Recount

The Amazing Cow Ride

In the first week of the school holidays I was invited to Ashley's house. Ashley and I were playing with her cow Ella just before milking. When we were playing we heard the motorbike pulling up It was Ashley's mum. I asked if I could ride Ella. Ashley's mum said yes!.

I jumped onto the side of the feed pad and lifted my right leg up and swung it over the cow and I jumped up onto her back. I was sitting happily on her back on her I said to Ashley “ Jump on and see if we both can be on her together.” As soon as Ashley lifted her leg up Ella moved away, Ashley fell back and landed in the mix. I was still riding when Ella was moving. Ashley's mum grabbed me off safely I said “Now it is Ashley's turn.”

Ashley jumped up and tried to get on Ella but she ran to the other feed pad. Ashley fell. I caught her. She said “Let go of me or you will fall on me.”

We walked home to get ready for milking. I said “I will do cow riding again I think that it a little bit dangerous but fun.”

This recount was written by Aroha is Room Three and details some of the awesome things that she got up to in the School Holidays.


  1. Aroha I love your blog post. I can vividly see you and Ashley riding the cow. So glad you two girls didn't get hurt when she moved away. How big is the cow. We have cows about an hour away from here in the suburban and rural areas but none in the city. I just watched the video as well of you two girls playing with Snowy the Goat. It seems that you have a special relationship with Snowy like I have with Lady (my dog). I will send a picture of her to Mr. Webb so you can see her.

  2. Aroha-- I've never ridden a cow before. It sounds like quite an adventure!

  3. Dear Aroha,

    This sounds like so much fun! I have some cows at home and I might have to go try it!
    Have you ever ridden a horse? I have a show jumper called Katie and I wonder what it would be like to jump a cow?

    From Olivia