Sunday, 22 May 2016

Taranaki Survivor: Episode Four

The greatest classroom internet competition of all time - two teams of nine students competing against each other in a series of challenges to find the ultimate winner.

Having battle through three episodes - with Kikorangi losing first, for Caro's elimination and then Ashley in episode two, they had gained some momentum back forcing Whero to lose Aroha in episode three.  This meant this episode was potentially crucial - with either a 2:2 tie going forward or a huge 3:1 advantage.  

This episode saw the contestants competing against each other in the 'Tower of Doom'.  A simple premise - eight blocks stacked end on end on end and then an elimination block placed on top. However nerves meant a simple task took on an added edge for the contestants.

Taranaki Survivor Episode 4 from myles webb on Vimeo.

However the stakes were high as was the twist - losing team members would only vote if they won their respective duels, meaning potentially only one vote would send someone home.

This episode featured a dramatic finish in the final duel that has to be seen to be believed! Who would move forward in the game? Whose time would be up in the vote that followed? What of the immunity idols - it has been revealed that at least one has been located by a player however their identity has so far remained secret - would these come into play? Whose game is about to end and whose moving one step forward in the greatest internet competition of all time!  All the answers are contained in the latest episode just released!

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