Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Taranaki Survivor - Episode Three

The contestants had a question to ponder this week... who was the first (alphabetically) based on their surname and who is the last (alphabetically).   How well do the students know their classmates and school mates?

With two hundred students at Auroa Primary School the tasks wasn't as easy as it seems... with both teams working together against each other in the same room... communication could be crucial...

Kikorangi had lost two consecutive challenges... but one team was about to make an epic mistake that would cost them the game... already one of the best performers from last years season had been eliminated in a shock upset -  was another on the cards?

All that is certain is that someone's game was about to end as the third episode of Survivor Taranaki meant there were now only fifteen of the original players remaining...  all these pressing questions will be answered in the greatest student blogging internet competition game of all time... 

Taranaki Survivor Episode 3 from myles webb on Vimeo.

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