Friday, 6 May 2016

The Katydid

The Katydid

katydids eat leaves,flower stems and fruit of many kinds. the Katydid is a bug that looks like a leaf bug but is not a leaf it chips when it wants. There is a rare pink/red one and a yellow but is very rare. They are found on tree branches and bushes. They go through 3 different stages to be born first is the egg then the nymph and last is the Adult. There lifespan is from the egg to Adulthood the last about one year. Katydid it a relative to the grasshopper they are known as bush bugs The Katydid is common but it camouflage into the plants because of the color and pattern on the wings. By Aroha Nathan and Ashley

Where Nathan found it the Katydid inside the house in the lounge on the window sill then Nathan caught the katydid and trapped in the jar.

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