Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Writing Exemplars from the UK

We're always looking for fantastic examples of work of other students that we can use as examples.  In writing at the moment we've discovered some writing from the Hawks from lford Primary School in the UK.  They're been writing letters from the perspective of Tim Peake, a UK astronaut who has just arrived on the ISS (International Space Station).   They have posted a series of letters from him describing his experiences from his perspective.

In Room Three, Auroa Primary School, New Zealand - we've spent two days looking at their writing.  We have highlighted the writing features that have been used like metaphors and similes.  We've blown the writing up to A3 size and we've added colour and additional information and we're about to mount it on our wall - and use it to improve our writing.

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  1. Amazing effort guys. Thanks for looking at our work, from everyone in Hawk Class, Year 5, Welton Primary School, England.