Thursday 15 October 2015

Lamb and Calf Day Art Displays 2015

Calf And Lamb Day WALT: I am writing a recount about Calf And Lamb Day - 16/10/15 On Thursday the 15th Auroa School had a fundraiser when it was Calf and Lamb Day most of Auroa School and Community. At first I went to the community hall and brought some sherbet. Then I got a couple bags of fudge for my nan and my Aunty.then I got some tickets for games and more. Then we started to pat a couple lambs and calfs I went with Astin and Finn,And had to help out Astin take his lamb cause his lamb is really lazy. Then just before we left I went to classes to have a look at there masterpieces and who won I won nothing but I did have fun making my masterpieces.

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