Thursday, 29 October 2015

Taranaki Survivor: Episode Eight

This challenge saw a three team competition, with Whero and Kikorangi once again challenged by 'The Exiles' for their spot in the game.  The idea was simple - use the balls to knock the markers belonging to the others teams over, once the markers were all gone, so was the team... it seemed so simple but which teams would align with each other? Could the Exiles force their way back into the game? Would Rico continue to entertain his fanbase in Hong Kong? Will there be spelling mistakes? Would pressure force mistakes from the competitors?

Taranaki Survivor: Episode Eight from myles webb on Vimeo.
This episode featured the most dramatic twist so far in the season with an unbelievable finish! A must see episode of the greatest ever series of blogging internet classroom competitions - the merge of the teams is very close - who will make it to the end and who falls at the final hurdle?


  1. I so look forward to seeing how your Survivor Series ends up.

    You showed intense skills in this challenge.

    I was holding my breath as different people took turns to knock the blocks over.

    The immunity idol has a history. Do you know that?

    I first met the donkey on a conference in Christchurch as he came flying through the air.

    I wonder where had come from and his adventures before that???

    I don't suppose we will ever know but it would be quite fun to make up stories ourselves on how he came to be at Auroa School.

    Keep up the great fun and learning.


  2. Allanah
    Thank you for your comment - it was a very exciting episode as lots of the players are wanting to get into the final nine players. We haven't talked about the history of the idol as such but might do so shortly.
    Mr Webb

  3. I think that it's so cool that you guys are having these competitions that are fun to play and to watch. I especially liked the ones where you taste test!