Thursday, 15 October 2015

Lamb and Calf Days Animals

LambCalfDay2015Animals - Kizoa Video Maker


Waiting,waiting and waiting….then Alison and Rob came with nutmeg and cinnamon I help get the calf's out and  tie them up I brushed and brushed nutmeg then I walked her to the ring and waited to be called in line then I was I waited to do the M but nutmeg went bad doing it so I didn't get placed.

Next was rearing iI walked the line when it was my turn the judge ask what was my calf’s name and said if I knew things about my calf i said who was the dad and what she was feed and when it was ribbon time the judge came to me and did what she had done before she called up first then  she called second and that was me I  was so happy.

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