Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Taranaki Survivor: Episode Six

This week prior to competition both Whero and Kikorangi had to select a player each for a reward.  Quade was selected from Kikorangi and Teague from Whero - a surprise was install for them because instead of receiving a reward they were forced to switch teams.   In the challenge a further twist awaited - all the eliminated players were back in a team of their own called 'The Exiles'.  In the challenge if the Exiles won, Whero and Kikorangi would both eliminate a member and one of 'The Exiles' would come back into the main game...

Teams had to use a series of plastic chairs to advance step by step over a course and touch a cone based at the end first team to the cone wins - however if anyone fell off the chair then their team would receive a thirty second time penalty.  Would this prove crucial?

SurvivorEpisode6 from myles webb on Vimeo.

Who would be the sixth player voted out? Was Quade, who had to switch teams before the challenge going to play his idol? Had anyone located the second hidden idol? Who would be leaving the competition in the first part of the double elimination? Would 'the Exiles' taste for revenge see them cause an upset?  All will be revealed in Episode Six of Taranaki Survivor!

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  1. I love the fact that your camera man gets to comment and share his excitement.... I wonder what would happen if that was the case at the rugby world cup? Love your sharing of this, Auroa!!!