Sunday, 18 October 2015

Taranaki Survivor: Episode Five

This week teams competed in a two part challenge - they had to answer questions based around some of the classrooms that we've collaborated with from around the world - How many pageviews has Mrs Yollis had? How many people live in Singapore where Mr Kemp is from? Where does Canada rank in country size where Mrs Smith and her Huzzah students come from? How many people live in Texas where Mrs Kriese and her class are from?

The team that answered correctly received a point - then they had to make a crucial choice between two plates- the winner would receive first choice, would it contain chocolate? onion? sweets? A further point would be gained from the player eating the food on offer.  Who would take the challenge? Would there be any forfeits? Would an immunity idol finally be played? Who would be the fifth player to exit the game?  All these questions answered in this episode...

SurvivorEpisode5 from myles webb on Vimeo.
Producers note: due to a technical error the answers to each questions and the details are as follows: Q1: How many pageviews has Mrs Yollis had on her class page? (Answers 1.85 million) Whero: 2 million Kikorangi: 1.4 million Q2: Whats the population of Singapore where Mr Kemp lives? (Answer 5.5 million) Whero: 4 million Kikorangi: 2 million. Q3: Where does Canada, where Mrs Smith and Huzzah is from rank in size in the world? (Answer 2nd) Whero: 2nd Kikorangi: 4th Q4: How many people live in Texas where Mrs Kriese and her class are from? (Answer 26.5 million) Whero: 26 million Kikorangi: 30 million.


  1. Dear Survivors,

    What a professional looking video! Wow! You knocked my socks off!

    Yes, soon...2 million views! I wonder who will be our special viewer?

    I also wonder who will be the ultimate winner? I guess we all are, since we are learning along the way. :-)

    Mrs. Y♥llis

    P.S. What is the population of California? Is it more or less than Texas? How does it compare to New Zealand?

    1. Yes we are improving and thinking about camera angles 'flying with green screening' which we've worked out how to stop, we're going to try other effects like split screening in upcoming episodes. We will discuss how many people live in California in our next competition which is going to be soon. Thanks for your comment - two million is such an amazing figure I remember when it was 1 million, which I think was just last year, Amazing.
      Mr Webb

  2. Kia Ora Mr Webb and Room 3,
    This Survivor episode was so intense. Well done to the students who had to eat raw onion, they were really good team players.

    We're wishing you all the best for the rest of the competition!

    From Miss Lavakula and Room 8@Pt England School

    1. Yes we weren't sure how that was going to look - we actually didn't show all the footage from the episode as the blue cheese was pretty terrible! Thanks for your comment well let the students know that you were watching us in Auckland - we actually had your classroom as question five, which we didn't broadcast!
      Mr Webb