Sunday, 25 October 2015

Fetching Dusty - Recount Writing

Students had to complete a recount about an interesting activity that they were involved in during the last school holidays.  This recount was written by Quade from Room Three.

Fetching dusty

Dusty he sprints around the paddock "how long will this take" I screamed. I go get some help "Astin, Mum" "come help" we chase him into the corner"we got him" I said. And he gets away and runs into the mob.

We bring the whole mob down the hill. We let one go at a time. Oh there he is shhh!! I jump I leap oh no!! My hand slipped down his leg.

After 10 minutes of running around the paddock trying to get him. We cornered him. I jump and grab him tight " you're not getting away this time.

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