Friday, 19 September 2014

Megs APS Market Day Recount

Sold Out - Meg's Market Day 2014 Recount
My stomach churned as I stepped foot in the classroom. I eyed up the work that need to be done and felt lightheaded. I knew standing there wouldn’t help, so I pulled up my sleeves and got head in work.

Dragging those desks on to the deck and seeing everyone else setup made it feel so much more real. As we lay out our product on the desk war broke out over what goes where and what lay out looked best.

“SALE STARTS NOW” announced Mr Chittenden through his bullhorn. Suddenly a swarm of children came barreling towards us. Coin after coin, Note after note, we were quickly making quite a large profit. After twenty minutes we were sold out and exhausted!

In the end we were all so proud of the product we had put forward to the community and each other. We made around two hundred dollars. Drinking jars are a hit!!!      

Recently we held our School Market Day to celebrate the end of our AKO (inquiry) for Term Two and Three, as regular followers of this blog will know. Each of the students wrote a recount about the significant event. This was authored by Meg from Room One.

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