Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Auroa Primary School Vs. St Josephs Stratford

Yesterday Auroa Primary School hosted St Josephs Stratford in the second to last round of the Y7/8 Taranaki Trophy sports competition. Auroa were looking to confirm their place in the Netball and Rugby finals of the competition by claiming a final win. Having only lost to St Josephs Hawera in competition, the Girls could not afford another loss. However, having already played and lost twice to St Josephs Stratford in Saturday morning competition it would be fair to describe Auroa as the underdogs. Kaiah from Room One, filmed the action and then took care of the editing:

Netball Auroa vs Stratford 1/9/14 from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

roa keen to claim victory in their last home game of the season and last round robin competition. These highlights were filmed by Joe and edited and put together by Lucas from Room One, filmed at Auroa Primary School on Monday 1st of September 2014.
Auroa vs st Joes Stratford from Myles Webb on Vimeo.


  1. Mrs. Essenburg's Class3 September 2014 at 05:21

    Dear Room One,

    This is Mrs. Essenburg's Third Grade Classroom. It is our first day of school, and we are visiting some of our friends. We watched your video. We thought you looked great! The game you are playing looks like basketball to us. Is there a difference between basketball and netball?

    Mrs. Essenburg's third grade

  2. Mrs Essenburgs Class
    Thank you for your comment - yes there is quite a few differences between the games. The main one would be in Netball you have to pass the ball, you can't dribble it. Also you only can get one point for a goal. We have a lot of Girls who like Netball at our school (it would be our most popular Girls sport). We also have Basketball which is popular here too and next week our Basketball team are heading to the nationals. Great to hear from you and wonderful to see that you are back posting.
    Mr Webb.