Thursday, 18 September 2014

Guest Post from Sua@Taupaki School

This term students from Auroa Primary School in Taranaki have been learning Korean under the instruction of Mr Spice from Room Three. As part of our learning we were looking at other students to help us. We used our contacts and were lucky enough to make a connection with Sua, a student from Taupaki School, in Auckland. Sua has been sensational help to our students, Tutoring us in Korean and sharing her knowledge with our learning. She's recently written a post about the experience of working with our students. You can click on her post here.

This extract is taken from her post:

As an immigrant in New Zealand, it’s quite a pleasure for teaching my language to the Kiwis, and of course learning English too.
I am teaching Korean to Auroa school students at the moment, and I am waiting to do that for every single week, because even though they have a bit of an accent, slightly incorrect pronunciations and stuff, it is quite a joy to hear Korean in the middle of the teacher’s office, especially in a absolute Kiwi school. Plus,they have started the Korean lesson at the beginning of the year (but they started Skyping with me in the middle of term three) and in fact, I have as a bit surprised by so less accent at the first time of Skyping!
You can click on the link to read her entire post here.

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