Saturday, 20 September 2014

Odd Shoe Day@Auroa Primary School 2014

On Friday 19th September Auroa Primary School held a mufti-day and odd shoe day, as a fundraiser for Camp Quality, which is a Camp that specialises in providing Camps for students with Cancer.  Al the students from Auroa Primary School were able to wear mufti clothes and were encouraged to wear different shoes as part of the day.  Kaiah and Meg from Room One went around Auroa Primary School taking images of all of the students who supported such a worthy cause.


  1. What a great idea.

    We used do an non uniform day. Busy parents found this a little bit challenging. Students used be a little giddy because they were in 'civilian clothes'. Uniforms have the advantage that all students are equal. It was difficult for students to choose what to wear. Wear their clothes that had labels? What if your clothes weren't trendy and fashionable?

    So we changed our fundraisers to 'Colours Day'. We wore colours to represent our charity. So when we were fundraising after the earthquakes in the Philippines we wore yellow, white, red and blue, the colours of the Philippino flag.

    However Odd Shoe Day has great potential as an alternative. I think the students would love it. I am going to suggest it at our next staff meeting. Thanks for sharing your innovative ideas.

    With every good wish

  2. We'd love to see pictures of that. I'd tell the student council about this they'd love to hear about it.
    Mr Webb

  3. This Philippine 'Colours' Day was from nearly a year ago.

    We have Philippino students in our school. They are great ambassadors for their country. They are kind friends and teachers find that they are excellent students. Many nurses and careworkers in Ireland
    are from the Philippines. They are very valued members of our society, so we really wanted to raise lots of money to help the Philippines.

    As I watch the slide now again, I see one student did in fact wear odd shoes. He was ahead of his time ;)

    We have a school policy of not taking individual photos of students and not identifying them by name. So you will see many of our photos just show the ways that the children customized their uniform. At the end however you can see our fundraising team from fifth class, whose idea this fundraiser was.

    This slideshow also uses the word 'Comhghairdeas' which is an Irish word meaning 'Congratulations'. Like your good selves, we are proud of having a native language as well as English.

  4. Thank you very much Mr Webb for the comment you left on our page.

    That is a very affirming comment to start the school day with.

    I would say that you are our role model and that it was you and also William Chamberlain's brilliant concept #comments4kids that got us started visiting other class blogs, admiring their work and leaving a comment.

    We know we love to get comments and can only assume that other classes are the same.

    The good news is that there is no voting in this competition. They have judges :) So there is no running around asking parents, colleagues or even our Grannies to vote ;)

    With every good wish and thanks again,