Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Auroa Primary School: Mr Toft's Cup Challenge!

As we mentioned earlier in the week we saw a challenge from Mr Toft in Canada involving rubber bands, string and cups.  You can click on the link to the original post here.  We didn't see the video original video in Canada, it came through Mrs Monaghans A Room With a View site and she posted about it when a class in India competed the challenge.   A great idea that started in one country and now four different countries have completed it at the very least.   Thanks to Mr Toft, Mrs Mongahan for the great idea! Filmed at Auroa Primary School on Wednesday 17th September 2014.

The Cup Challenge 17/9 from Myles Webb on Vimeo.


  1. We loved the idea you took part in the challenge, and changed it a bit and used wine glasses instead of plastic cups. What time did you get it done in? When we did it we felt proud of the time we did it in. Could you beat our time?

  2. What a wonderful idea and a great challenge. I love that this idea is travelling around the world. Thanks so much for visiting our class blog. The Social Justice Mini Fair was a great experience and we raised a lot of money in only in 2 hours.
    I wonder if my class would like to take up the cup chalenge??
    Mrs Verona Gridley :)