Thursday, 7 April 2016

Taranaki Survivor 2016: Official Promo

It starts next week, the greatest online classroom blogging competition of all time. The teams have been officially created and will go into competition shortly. The season will be running until December when after twenty episodes and months of competitions one of these compditors will emerge victorious and claim the ultimate prize... who will it be...
Survivor Intro x from myles webb on Vimeo.

Featuring some returning players from last year - with important questions that are to be answered... can Caro go one step further than last years runners up position... is Harry capable of the completing an amazing double? ... will last years alliances still hold, will last years conflicts and betrayals come back to haunt players this season? What twists and turns await in this years competition? All these pressing questions will be answered in the greatest competition of all time... starting soon!

All information for the 2016 season, all episodes, clues and information is contained in the 'Taranaki Survivor' tab at the top of this page.


  1. Hi, the competitors of the next « Taranaki Survivor » !

    Can you tell us what means Kikorangi ? And what means Whero ?
    We look forward to watch your future adventures.
    When we saw the full cast of this new promo, we recognized some of our friends who speak French : Aroha, Renee, Jordan and Joe. Bonne chance, nous sommes à vos côtés !!!
    A lot of them are or were from the Room Three and we wish them a good luck too.
    We look forward to hearing more from the other participants whom we encourage too.


    In France, from this evening, it’s spring break for two weeks. But we’ll keep in touch with you by the Net and we’ll continue to follow your school life.

    Amitiés et bon courage à tous.

    Mr Galligani and the Students of the CM2 from Brindas, France

  2. Thanks for your comment - Kikorangi means blue and Whero means red which are the colours that the students wear with the team markers. Yes there are some of your friends from the French class who are competing. Thanks for your comment - enjoy your break and well hear from you again shortly.
    Mr Webb

  3. Hi Room Three
    We really like your video it has and how you have created it. It has lots of colour. Well Done. Maybe next time you could put capital letter in your writing.
    Kind Regards
    Lily, Sarah, Ben

  4. Yes we did think about that but its to do with the font that we used with the clip - its all in capital letters.
    Mr Webb