Wednesday 13 April 2016

Procedural Writing: How to feed a calf

How To Feed A Calf
How to feed a calf
You will need: gloves, a bucket with one litre of milk in it and a calf feeder.

Step 1: Get the calf feeder and put it on the metal rails.
Step 2: Poor 1 litre of milk from the bucket into the calf feeder.
Step 3: Get a calf and bring it to the calf feeder.
Step 4: Put the calf on the feeder
Step 5: Wait until all the milk is gone.
Step 6: When all the milk is gone, get the feeder and walk away.


  1. Are these your animals lilli usher thornaby

  2. Well Done


  3. Your writing is clear I might use this.
    Well done.

    Abigail (UK)Thornaby