Friday, 8 April 2016

Keys to My Life Student Blog

We are always looking for amazing connections and work from classrooms around the world.   One of our biggest supporters and a teacher that Mr Webb thinks is pretty amazing is Mrs Yollis who is from Califorina, USA.   She is the best blogger in the entire world.

Today in class we found out about a new student blog from one of Mrs Yollis students, 'Smiley'.  Who has started a new student blog called 'Keys to My Life'.   We spent time this morning as a class looking at the blog, thinking about the information that was posted on it and comparing the answers and the questions to our students in New Zealand.  

We loved the fact that the word 'plethora' was used on the page which was a word we talked about class, what the word meant and how we'd be able to use it.  You can visit the student blog here and Mrs Yollis class page is here.


  1. Dear Mr.Webb and Room Three,

    Thank you for commenting and supporting my new "key" blog. It makes me so encouraged to have a lot of comments and to see that you used my blog as an example to show your class. My teacher shared your blog post featuring me. I was honored, and the class and Mrs. Yollis were really amazed.

    Thank you also for taking the time to do a survey from your whole class to see who has the same favorites. I am really curious to know, what grade is Room Three?


    1. Smiley
      It was our pleasure to support your blog. Mrs Yollis has done so much to help us in the past. We really enjoyed reading it, and it gave our students something to think about. In New Zealand we don't have grades for our class year, we have years at school starting from Y1 (so that's someone whose having their first year at school) so our students who are Y5/6 in our class are 9 or 10 years old. Thanks so much for your comment.
      Mr Webb