Monday, 11 April 2016

Taranaki Colour Run

This weekend we had the Taranaki Colour Run.   It took place on the Coastal Walkway in New Plymouth.   It was 4.1km.   You had to run or walk from station to station and at each station people would throw cornflour at you mixed with food colouring.  You can see photo's of the event on Ebony's blog here.   McCallum from Room Three is in this picture- you might notice that he is not wearing any eye protection!


  1. What fun! We do the colour run in England too. You can do the colour run or an obstacle colour run where there are lots of fun obstacles to navigate round the 5Km course while you are getting covered in different coloured paint.

    Mrs Atherton
    Hopwood C P School

  2. How far did you run. Wish we could do it too!!!

    Georgia,Thornaby, Uk