Saturday, 23 April 2016

School Holiday Postings: Madaline and Lexi

It is the School holidays here in New Zealand, currently we are half way through the break between Term One and Term Two.  Our students will be returning to school the Monday after next on Monday 2nd May.   

In the meantime a number of our students from across the school are posting and creating work during the school break.   You can see Madaline from Room One has been writing about how to make ANZAC biscuits as we have ANZAC day this coming Monday.  You can click on the link to Madalines blog here.

Lexi (also from Room One) has been writing about a variety of topics on her student blog 'Lexi's Life Experiences' during the break as well.   You can read about cooking or her experiences on the Pihama Walk for Cancer.  You can click on the link to Lexi's blog here.

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