Monday, 22 June 2015

Crowley Cup Netball Highlights Vs. Manaia 22/6/2015

Crowley Cup Netball Semi-Final Vs. Manaia 22/6/2015 from Myles Webb on Vimeo.


  1. Hello Room 3,

    I love this post!!! I Remember playing netball!!! It is so much fun and it gets you moving! What was your favourite part of this game? I love how you use videos in so many of your posts. It is very creative!!

    Selwyn House School.

  2. Hi Room Three,

    Wow that looked like so much fun. I love to play netball myself.
    It must be annoying to play on wet courts.
    I really liked how you had a video for everyone to watch.


  3. Hi Room 3,
    Such a close game! Netball is such a fun way of getting fit but you still have fun while you are playing netball. In Christchurch we play netball every Saturday against other teams in Christchurch. Do you do this? I love how you have presented this blogpost, very creative!

    8CF Selwyn House School

  4. Hi Room 3,
    What a game! its a shame you lost. when I played netball I loved it! did you feel proud to have shot a goal though? did you have fun? good game!
    Jemma, 8cf
    Selwyn house

  5. Hello Jorja and Caro,

    I like your slide show. It is a pity the other team won. I play netball every Monday after school. We have a 3/4 school team. My favourite positions are Wing Attack and Wing Defence. Do you have a player that likes those positions as well? Our team is good on the court against one team in particular, a Grade 3 team. One time we won by 10 goals, the other time we played against them, we won by 3. I can shoot goals, but not really well. When everyone is watching, there is more pressure. When Mummy or Daddy come to watch, I don't feel as much pressure.

    I hope I can chat to you again soon,
    Hannah E
    3/4 Bayside Learners