Wednesday 3 June 2015

Mrs Crain's Procedural Writing Task for Room Three

At the end of last month to finish off procedural writing in class Room Three asked our learning network for suggestions of instructions that we could follow to complete a task. Mr Crain, a teacher from Iowa, USA went out of her way to help up. She produced a Google Slide about how to make a Transforming Star complete with each of the steps and a series of pictures that explained each step. Yesterday Room Three took up the challenge and spent a block following her instructions to complete the task. We used our prior knowledge as well because we had two students who have completed the task before. We used additional media too for the students who were having a bit of difficulty we found instructional videos to guide us through the process. Our students had a whole lot of fun and we able to evaluate the procedural writing from another teacher in another country and we enjoyed the challenge of the task. Thank you Mrs Crain. Mrs Crains Procedural Writing on PhotoPeach

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  1. Room Three,

    I am so happy that you were able to try out my lesson. Your stars turned out great! I am also proud with how resourceful you were when you became stuck. Thank you for sharing your learning experience with me in your blog post and video. I look forward to following you throughout your learning journey this school year!

    Mrs. Crain
    Iowa, USA