Thursday, 4 June 2015

What we know about Canada...

We're always looking for collaboration opportunities with classrooms around the world.  We've just made communication and started interactions with Mrs Grosfield and her class from Canada.  Today in class we brainstormed what we knew about Canada in class.

What do we know about Canada?

  • The Maple Leaf is on the Canadian Flag
  • The Moose is the native animal of Canada
  • Bethany's Aunt was born in Canada and is a famous Ice Skater
  • Maple Syrup is from Canada
  • In Canada they drive on the right hand side of the road
  • Ice Hockey is the national sport of Canada
  • They have McDonalds, KFC and Carls Junior in Canada
What do we think we know about Canada?

  • Maple Syrup is made from the Maple Tree or is it made from raw sugar?
  • Do they play American Football in Canada?
  • Do they play Rugby in Canada? Do they have a Women's Rugby Team?
  • Canada is the 2nd largest country in the World? Is there 80 million people in Canada? Is it 6/7 times larger than New Zealand?

We we surprised to learn that Canada is the second largest country in the world on the basis of country size and is nearly 37 times bigger than New Zealand!

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  1. Hello Room 3,

    How wonderful that you can learn about a country so far away, look at its natural and human features, and then communicate with a whole class of students in that place. Isn't having a class blog just terrific for that?
    We have enjoyed our class blog so much. It was new to us at the start of Term 2 so we've had ours up and running for 7 weeks. We have been communicating with classes in England and Malawi in Africa. You'll have to check out our blog. We are still learning but loving it so far.
    We are just outside Hobart, Tasmania in Australia. Our school is a Kinder-Gr6 primary school of over 300 students. Our school is in a large suburb but only a few blocks from the beach and from the River Derwent.
    Have a great Friday and thanks for sharing your learning with us.
    Mrs E and the 3/4 Bayside Learners.