Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Can you help Zariah identify this pound coin?

 If you know what the name of this Bridge on this One Pound Coin please Comment? (If you can?)

On Sunday I found a One Pound Coin, laying on the Floor on our hallway, I didn't know what type of One Pound it was, but then I thought of bringing it to School, because we have been looking at some classrooms, and we came across a Class in England using pounds in their description of a post they wrote using pounds on their classroom blog.

Today, Me and Mackenna went out and toke some photos around school with the One Pound Coin.


  1. Hi Zariah
    I have a photo of that one pound bridge. I will show you it tomorrow in class I think it is it.
    Bethany Cook Taranaki New Zealand

  2. Dear Zariah and Mackenna,
    The picture on the pound coin is the Forth Road Bridge which crosses the River Forth to the north of Edinburgh. It's a rail bridge, and very exciting to travel across. Apparently it takes four years to paint it and it is being constantly repainted! The coin is one of the Scottish designs (there are designs depicting England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom - the design changes every five years). This coin is from 2004, when they were doing bridges! I think you should now travel to England to spend it.
    Mrs Monaghan @ A Room with a View