Monday, 29 June 2015

Recounts about Regional Robotics Competition

This past Saturday Auroa Primary School had five teams competing in the Junior Robocup. This competition is the regional competition for the Junior Robocup of which Auroa is the defending New Zealand and Australian Robotics Champions. Auroa were able to continue their dominance at regional level and now look forward to travelling to the Nationals in September in Christchurch. As always we would like to show the performances however some of the aspects of the performances are best kept for the nationals. In the meantime these recounts were written about the event:

Mackenna: "On Saturday the 28th of June it was the Junior Robocup regionals. There was 6 teams in theatre and 21 teams in rescue. We had to get there by 8:00 AM. Which was quite early. Then we had a start at 10:00 AM. Once we had finished, we had waited about 10 minutes. Then it was prize giving. They said thanks for coming, and then they started. In 3rd place was the Robros. Then in 2nd place it was the Udder-Budders. Then in 1st, it was the JKLMinaters. After they finished of the rescue. For me it was a scary experience because we hadn't quite finished our program, and I was nervous about the interview, but both turned out quite fine because the interview went great and we also got 3rd!"

Robo Cup Recount by Harry and Quade
On Saturday the 5 Robotics teams( 3v4,JKLMinaters,JAD,Robros and Udderbutters traveled to Whaganui for the New Zealand National Robo Cup competition which was held at Whanganui Intermediate.

They got us sent to a room where they could set up and play their robots and wait for their interview.
First up was 3v4 they were doing Olympics their runner crashed the swimming went not as planned and the diver didn’t do what it was supposed to  but then they redone but it did the same thing . Next JKLMinaters theirs went perfect apart from when it reversed and crashed into the shed.

The third group was JAD theirs didn't go so good the car didn't go like they thought it would and the train didn't go straight. Robros were fourth Shrek didn't go right he crashed into a shed and he tried to go back into the out house and he flipped.

Last was udder butters their went good but the head fell off and that was almost perfect.

Bye the end robros got third udder butters got second  and JKLMinaters got first.

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