Thursday 21 August 2014

Video for Mrs Yollis from Taranaki, New Zealand

This week the Auroa Primary School Kapa Haka Group has been producing a series of videos about games that we've been learning to play in Kapa Haka for our Maori language program led by Mr Tai.  You can see some of our Matariki (Maori New Year) videos and material here.

We posted early this week and we had some fantastic feedback almost straight away from our Blogging Friend, Mrs Yollis in Califorina.   Mrs Yollis is very famous, as she has a class page thats had over one and a quarter million pageviews! Mrs Yollis wonderful comment was this:
One of the things that Mrs Yollis asked was to pronounce the words again so that her students from the USA who want to learn the Maori hand game.

Today we had a small group of students who went and filmed a follow up video to their original post.  We thought about Mrs Yollis request and made sure that we concentrated on speaking clearly and slowly so the students could learn the game properly.   This is the video created by students in Room One, today for Mrs Yollis.

Maori hand game from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

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  1. Good demonstrating it is very good and i like because evan though i'm not maori
    i can still learn it
    Hi my name is Tatiana i come from Panmure Bridge School and i am impressed with your work and it is awesome i think you are very very smart good job
    keep it up

    yours faithfully ,

    Tatiana Taufa
    If you want to email me
    Email me at
    Good job

    keep it up