Monday, 25 August 2014

Robotics Nationals: Robocup

We've got some very exciting events coming up shortly our Girls Basketball and Golf teams are travelling to Tauranga to compete in the NZAIMS Tournament.   That same week on Friday we have our Robotics Team 'The Robo's' travelling to Dunedin to compete in the Robocup Nationals.  Of course they've got a super secret performance and we can't share footage of their actual show, but will be doing so at the completion of the nationals.  These shots were taken by Logan from Room One.


  1. Hello

    I like seeing the pitchers of that robotic robto

    From Amato

  2. Hi Room One from Auroa School!
    Its Quaid from Panmure Bridge School. You commented on one of my post's in the holidays. I really like your fascinating lego build/creation. I hope that your Google Drive is going well. We use them at our school aswell. Keep up the great work! Hope you win!

    From Quaid