Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Missing Trans-Tasman Kayak: At Auroa Primary School!

This afternoon thanks to a big supporter of our school, Sanfords, Auroa Primary School students were able to view the 'missing' trans Tasman Kayak of Scott Donaldson.   Scott Donaldson attempted to solo Kayak from Australia to New Zealand, however sadly after 83 days at sea he had to abandon his attempt.   Since then he's been looking for his Kayak, including searching for it extensively, but being unable to locate it.  Today it was found, close to Auroa Primary School.  It was recovered today and brought into school for our students to have a look.  These photos of the craft were taken this afternoon.
You can read about Room Seven writing about the event here. You can read about Room Eight writing about the event here. You can read about Emily from Room One writing about the event here.


  1. Glad you can see her. I hope she inspires some healthy daily habit. I challenge the teachers at your school to jumpstart each day for the rest of the week with 5-10mins exercise. Stimulate the metabolism and the brain! Scott D

  2. Thanks for the comment and yes we're actually doing more than that each day with our Cross Country training... Mr Webb

  3. Ah but is that the students or the teachers Myles? Who found the kayak and how did it get to your school?

    1. We have some teachers who are running with their students Mrs Hyde, thank you so much for your feedback.

  4. Hi

    I like your photos.