Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Maori Hand Game

Here is a video of a maori hand game we play in Kapa Haka. Here is Bethany, Hevanlee, Isabelle, Gemma and Siobhan showing you how to play a maori hand game. Thats how you play Kapa Haka maori hand game. 


  1. Dear Mr. Webb and class,

    We are a group of third grade students from Los Angeles, California. Most of us are eight years old and school just started for us today. Our school year ends in June.

    Mr. Webb left a fabulous comment on our blog and we followed his hyperlink to your fine blog. LOVED your Maori game and want to play it here in California. We could not quite understand how to say the four commands. Do you think you could write the words out and give us a pronunciation key too?

    Thanks for a great share!

    Mrs. Yollis and her third graders

  2. Hi,
    I'm from Mrs.Donofrio's class and I love that awesome game! I'm going to try it with some of my classmates and see how we do. I like the different hand motions and sayings in the game. We have a game called chopsticks where you use your fingers; it’s not like your game but it’s still fun. I think my friends and I would love to show you sometime! I have a question though, who came up with that game?
    (Please visit my classmates and me at these links!)
    Class and Teacher:

  3. Hi
    I'm Saruja and I'm from Panmure Bridge School. I really love your Maori game! I also like to play with my friends. I really like your different hand actions. I think this game is difficult for ahore culture because this is about moari game but in our class people were tried. Now they can do it little bit correct.

    My class and I really like your games.
    Thank you for sharing you video with other schools.