Monday, 4 August 2014

Taranaki Trophy Vs. Mangorei

Taranaki Trophy 1/8/14 from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

Last friday on the 1st of August Auroa School  and Mangorei School competed in a game of Rugby, Netball and Soccer.  It was round one of the 2014 Taranaki Trophy competition.  All three teams came out with a victory Soccer won 3-1 Netball won 39-11 and Rugby won 69-17.

The is Brylee writing in the style of a TV news anchor about the event.
"Last Friday at the Auroa School Netball Courts an astonishing game of Netball was showcased by two well known teams, Auroa and Mangorei.  In the first two quarters we saw great defence from both sides but Auroas offence was the real star though.  Sending the ball down the court, which was not surprising that the half time score was 26-9 to Auroa.   After a very competitive but clean game Auroa came out on top with a clean sweep and a score of 39 to 11.  

In these highlights, filmed by Lucille from Room One, edited by Meg and Brylee, Auroa are in the blue and orange uniforms and Mangorei are in the green.  Filmed at Auroa Primary School on Friday 1st August 2014.

We've spent the day analysing the highlights that were filmed, as we have another game on Tuesday. What do the students recording need to focus on? Should they be recording landscape or portrait? What else could they add to the film to enhance your understanding of the competition or the game?
If you are from overseas have you even heard of Netball?


  1. Hello? My mane is Sua, from one of your Quad blogging school, Taupaki. I want to tell that some people know what's a netball, at least in Korea (I lived in there). But I want to give you a big applause about sweeping the game!

  2. Thank you for your comment - we have been talking about Netball and whether or not it is really important in other countries and some people aren't sure about what it is. Great to have a comment from you and I will pass that onto out Girls.