Saturday, 10 December 2016

Taranaki Survivor: Episode 15

Ending this coming week, in the last week of School in New Zealand is the episodic blogging competition that we have been running this year since April, our take on the Survivor competition.

This week players had an auction where they were given 500 Taranaki Survivor Dollars and able to purchase a range of drinks, food and confectionary.  However there were some items that were unusual - Durann brought an advantage in the next immunity challenge, Joe purchase a significant clue to the location of the Super-Immunity Idol, and last but certainly not least, Jamesen waited until the end and the final item which he purchased was immunity for this round!

This threw everyone into a panic as Jamesen was the 'next in line' expected to leave the game and now he wasn't going anywhere... or was he? Strange things were afoot because the Room One alliance was showing signs of cracking - would the walls come tumbling down?

In a move then based on either a master plan or misplaced bravery Jamesen said he would give immunity away to another player! Was this the massive play that was about to turn the game on its head? Will another immunity idol come into play? Where was the regular immunity idol that everyone is searching for? Who has located the 'super idol' and what is it?

A shocking episode of dramatic proportions that saw one of the final five players exit in unbelievable circumstances - whose game was about to come crashing to an end? All these shocking questions are about to answered in episode fifteen of the greatest classroom blogging internet competition of all time!


TaranakiSurvivor15 from myles webb on Vimeo.

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