Friday, 16 December 2016

2016 Taranaki Survivor: Grand Final Vote

And so it ends... the final installment of Taranaki Survivor.  In the previous episode Bethany won final immunity and choose to eliminate Jamesen, however there was the issue of the super-immunity idol - if it had been found, and if Jamesen had located it first then not only would he revive himself it would be Jamesen who would determine who would make the final...

Jamesen had found the super immunity idol - just before Joe did and after Bethany double crossed him he choose in a difficult decision to take Bethany to the final two with him.

All that remained was the jury vote - this year it was a seven member jury who voted one after another.  Four votes would secure the 2016 Taranaki Survivor Title and the Grand Prize!

Who would win? Bethany was unfortunate to exit the 2015 competition after a immunity idol vote - was this her chance to claim a overdue victory? She'd been involved in some key blindsides and double crosses to make her way to the final, and was the final female competitor surviving in competition since way back in episode ten!, She had friends on the jury, would those that she targeted forgive her? Would she be able to continue the momentum and had Jamesen made a huge mistake in choosing her for the final?

What of Jamesen - the MVP of this years competition, no-one was actively working behind the scenes to locate immunity idols and protection, including one stage where Jamesen had located the Super Immunity idol and had two other idols in his possession! Jamesen had a hand in the destruction of the Room One alliance but also claimed ownership of immunity and other power ups and advantages, some of which were based on fact and some of which were brilliant acting.  Would the jury recognise his unorthodox and strategic play?

There's only one winner in the greatest internet student blogging competition of all time and the only way you can find out this years result is by watching the video!

SurvivorVotes2016 from myles webb on Vimeo.

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