Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Taranaki Survivor: Episode 16

The final is but three days away - however the final four had one more adventure before three would be able to continue on. The greatest classroom blogging competition is about to end, never, ever to be repeated! 

Last episode saw a shock double cross when Joe sided with Bethany and Jamesen to eliminate Astin - who would follow next? Durann had an advantage purchased at the auction - would it help him triumph? Would the new power trio stick together or was another flip on the cards?

This was the last episode that a regular immunity idol could be played before the final, has someone got a trick up their sleeve? The Super-Immunity idol has had numerous clues to its whereabouts was someone about to come back from the depths of despair? Who is going to fail to make it into the grand final? Whose competition is about to come tumbling down?

Nothing is as it seems when it comes to this season - and yet all the answers will soon be obvious! Once this episode has been published the final three will be revealed - who has made it to the last hurdle?

Survivor16 from myles webb on Vimeo.

In this episode the contestants had the hardest challenge yet - four cryptic clues that led to four locations around Auroa School - there was a further question at each of the four locations, this question when answered right gave the students a combination to a padlock - four correct answers would unlock the change and then guarantee that contestant the right of immunity... someone was about to unlock their way to the final three and someone was going home...

Who will make up this years grand final?

Bethany - one of the strongest players last year looking to make it to the final after suffering the disappointment of an immunity idol play and exiting last year with a single vote...
Joe - the last senior school student left, brother to the grand final winner from last year - is he about to step out of the shadows from Harry's 2015 triumph?
Jamesen - the wildcard - perhaps the most underestimated player in the game, mixing brilliant game play with breath taking risk taking, not many would have predicted that he would be waiting in the wings and looking towards making his first grand final...
Durann - the final player left from the original 'Whero' tribe - is his time finally up?

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