Friday, 18 March 2016

Taranaki Survivor 2016: The Big Announcement

Today at assembly the format for the 2016 season of Survivor:Taranaki was announced.  The competition is coming back for 2016 but there's a twist - no longer will it be a Room Three only competition, this year the competition will run across the entire senior school.  The competition audition process is now open.

If your a returning contestant who wants a second chance or if you a new player convinced that you have what it takes - you both have the same task.

Create a short 30 to 45 second video explaining why you deserve to have a place in the 2016 competition and email it to Mr Webb.  Mr Webb, Mr Bloor and Mr Chittenden are going to select the best ones and this is how the contestants for this year will be selected.  We will be announcing the cast during the rest of the term, with the final teams and the first episode at the end of this term.
The big questions are:
Will Caro attempt to make it back for 2016? She made it all the way to the final in the 2015 competition and then chose to take Harry with her to the final.  Will she be back again to try and go better? Will Harry attempt the impossible and go back to back as a double champion?

Who will come into the competition? Who else from last years season will seek redemption? Look to settle old scores? What alliances will be reconnected? What alliances will fall apart? Will old team mates from Whero or Kikorangi will work together again?

All these questions will be answered as we repeat the never again to be repeated series of the greatest internet classroom competition of all time.

In our flash-back for the 2015 season this episode was entitled 'Knock Me Down' which was episode eight.  In this the two competing teams were joined by a third team created from the eliminated players 'The Exiles".  This episode was significant because it featured the first idol play of 2015 when Gypsy protected Mackenna and caused the elimination of Bethany.   And to make it more exciting the first idol for 2016 is in place already and the clues to its location are already in place - however why would it be in place without a competitor named? What is going on? This episode originally broadcast on this class page 29/10/2015:

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